What happens when you get five passionate and like-minded women in a room together and ask them to do the impossible? They knock it out of the park of course!

Eight weeks ago, a group of women, who were all involved in some way in raising awareness of maternal mental illness, started a conversation to see if there was something we do collaborate on for Maternal Mental Health Week 2018 which takes place in the first week in May. A half-formed idea for a conference was thrown out there as a possibility for 2019 because we couldn’t possibly coordinate it in just 9 weeks right?… Right!?

Well, here we are, just 5 days to go until we make history with the first NI Maternal Mental Health Conference which is taking place on Thursday 3rd May! When we first began our planning we assumed it was going to be an uphill struggle to get speakers, sponsors, and delegates but in just a few short weeks we sold out our 276 capacity venue at Riddel Hall, had a great line up of speakers and sponsors banging down our door to get involved. 

The aim of the conference is to bring together health professionals, voluntary groups, the private sector, and service users to explore ways in which together we can improve services and outcomes for women and their families going through a maternal mental illness. Given the huge amount of interest and support, it has proven to us that this event is just what is needed in the current climate to ensure that we are continuing to push for every woman’s right to the appropriate care for herself and her family. 

A special mention goes out to all our sponsors, without whom this event would not be possible. Thank you for putting your faith in us, not only to deliver a truly inspirational event but also for showing your commitment to the people in your communities and for supporting them to get the best outcomes. 

This event is the epitome of what ALC Events is trying to achieve, by delivering events that make a real difference. We are so proud to be involved and look forward to curating this event annually until one day, with some hope, it will no longer be needed.