What happens when you get 278+ people into a room and present them with a challenge. A call to action to ensure that every woman suffering from a perinatal mental illness has the chance at the best outcome? Well, what happens is simply magic!

The atmosphere at the first NI Maternal Mental Health Conference which took place on Thursday 3rd May was absolutely electric!

Delegates listened to a range of talks, from the latest research into the transmission of mental illness from parent to child, to the very personal and honest accounts of the effects of mental illness have had on Michelle Bradley and Lindsay Robinson and their families. From discovering how private sector companies like Moment Health are fighting tooth and nail to make maternal mental health mainstream, to the research into the difficulties healthcare professionals are facing in getting the best care for their patients.

At every break and since the conference ended, the feedback has been phenomenal and has gone above and beyond what we organisers expected. Some of the feedback said:

“Today’s NI Maternal Mental Health Conference was an amazing, inspirational, powerful and moving event! What a gathering of people, all there for one reason – to raise awareness and work together to improve services for women dealing with perinatal mental health issues.”

“Outstanding conference. It met my expectations and more. Simply fabulous. Really well put together, brilliant mix and range of speakers, all incredibly well informed and inspiring. I cannot wait to be part of the exciting movement of making maternal mental health mainstream and being part of the positive change we need in NI. I left ‘pumped’ and excited to try and make a difference. Already looking forward to next year’s conference to hear of our progress.”

This is what ALC Events is all about, creating events like this that really make a difference, that inspire people to go out into their communities and affect change. It is a real privilege to be able to provide a platform for these voices and know that what we do changes lives. 

It is also important to note that without our sponsors, this event wouldn’t be possible and it shows their commitment and dedication to the women in their communities that they chose to partner with us.

 Moment Health

Public Health Agency

Belfast Telegraph

Relax Kids Belfast

Warren York Hypnotherapy

Newington Credit Union


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