Before ALC was even a concept, owner Michelle Bradley embarked on an ambitious project with four other like-minded women. A project to create Northern Ireland’s first Maternal Mental Health Conference, a conference that could bring together health professionals, volunteers, the private sector and most importantly, women and their families into the same room with the goal of improving services for families going through a mental illness related to childbirth. 

With only 9 weeks to book speakers, a venue, get the word out, get sponsors, it was a mammoth task, to say the least! But everyone on the organising committee was dedicated to seeing it through, knowing the difference that it could make to the wider community. In only 4 weeks the conference sold out with a waiting list to boot! It was then that something clicked. 

Michelle had always had a keen interest in event management, assisting with large scale events like the Belfast Business Awards, as well as smaller events like the Belfast Chamber of Commerce’s President’s Promotional Campaign where she convinced Brian Kennedy to busk in Arthur Square. While planning the NI Maternal Mental Health Conference she realised that now was the time to take the plunge and start her own business doing what she loved, and so ALC Events was born.

Not satisfied with just being any old events company, Michelle was determined to use her skills to make a difference, and while the company manages a wide range of events, her passion lies with those that promote well-being in society through raising awareness of topics such as mental illness. It is her goal that through ALC, real change can happen to improve the lives of those living in the community and beyond. 

Since launching in April 2018, ALC is already involved in planning Northern Ireland’s first Positive Birth Conference as well as a number of other public interest events. One such event is an evening with best selling author Olivia Siegl, author of Bonkers, a raw and hilarious account of motherhood and her struggle with postnatal depression and psychosis. She is the founder of the Every Mum Movement which aims to ensure that women everywhere make their mental health a priority during pregnancy, and beyond. It is events like these that bring the community together to break the stigma around maternal mental health while having some mighty good craic at the same time. 

As ALC continues to grow, it is our priority that we will continue to create #eventsthatmatter.